Kayaroyal architecture is a unique blend of Ottoman, Seljuk, and Hellenistic architectures. In every detail of the halls, you can find luxury, splendor, aesthetics, elegance, and avant-garde textures. All halls have a seating capacity of 600 in cocktail arrangement and 550 in dining arrangement. With floor heights of approximately 5 meters, they offer you a spacious and airy area for your events.

With invitation areas and table-chair decorations in different concepts, DJ and artist services, high-tech sound and light systems, a photo and video team consisting of award-winning photographers and directors, special service and staff for the bride and groom throughout the event, and delicious menus prepared by experienced chefs, Kayaroyal is at your service for an event that will go beyond your dreams, tailored specifically to you with meticulous attention to every detail.

Dream-like Weddings in Your Ideal Venue

With Kayaroyal, we make your wedding dreams come true. With its unique architecture, elegant decoration, and magnificent atmosphere, we make your special day unforgettable.

Whether you prefer classic or modern concepts, we are here to welcome you for a meticulously planned wedding where every detail is carefully considered. Your dream is our passion.

"Let's Take the First Step of Your Happiness Together"

With Kayaroyal, your dream wedding becomes a reality. We provide you and your loved ones with unforgettable moments with its unique architecture and enchanting atmosphere. We are here for an organization filled with elegant and stylish concepts where every detail is carefully considered. Our expert team is here to take your wedding day beyond your dreams. We are here, waiting to turn your dreams into reality.