About Us

"Perfect beginnings come to life in perfect locations."

About Us

Embarking on a new vision for weddings and special events, Kayaroyal meticulously designs every detail for your special day. Bringing a fresh perspective and uniqueness to the industry, Kayaroyal ensures the best service for hosts and distinguished guests at every stage of the event, from planning to completion.

Located centrally in Avcılar, Kayaroyal Wedding and Event Venue offers services for weddings, henna nights, engagements, circumcision ceremonies, birthdays, graduations, corporate events, motivation activities, business dinners, private parties, baby showers, dealer meetings, launches, receptions, and cocktails. Everything from VIP menus, valet and parking services, photo and video shoots, special shooting areas for social media, to wedding and event packages suitable for every budget has been carefully considered for you.

Kayaroyal's architecture is a unique blend of Ottoman, Seljuk, and Hellenistic styles. In every detail of our halls, you can find luxury, grandeur, aesthetics, elegance, and avant-garde textures. All of our halls have a seating capacity of approximately 500 in a dining setting and 550 in a cocktail arrangement. With a height of around 5 meters, our halls provide you with ample and spacious areas for your events.

Kayaroyal is at your service for a bespoke event that goes beyond your dreams, with meticulously crafted details including venues in different concepts, table and chair decorations, DJ and artist services, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, a photography and videography team consisting of award-winning photographers and directors, exclusive service and service personnel for the bride and groom throughout the event, and delicious menus prepared by experienced chefs.

Our Halls

Built with a visionary approach that sheds light on the industry, Kayaroyal has a professional and innovative team that considers the sensitivities and demands of the new generation. The expert team at Kayaroyal is dedicated to addressing all your requests to ensure your satisfaction and to make your dreams come true when it comes to wedding and event services.