Zümrüt Bahçe

Zümrüt Bahçe; like a corner from the paradise gardens. A countryside garden with a sea view, adorned with flowers, creating a unique atmosphere.


"Lal Salon"; the elegant setting for aesthetic events. Specifically designed for luxurious weddings and events.


Pearl Hall; You will be impressed by the ambiance of Pearl Hall, adorned with a memorable and unique concept.


Sapphire, designed with the concept of the world-famous Versailles Palace in Paris, is an example of baroque architecture.


Kayaroyal Garden is designed with features where you can fully feel every detail of nature.


Reflecting an original design concept in every detail, Mint showcases the finest examples of local craftsmanship. Mint green details complementing the pure beauty of white invite your guests to a peaceful ambiance.

All our halls are ready to serve for your fantastic wedding! We're here to make your special day unforgettable with our venues, each with unique features. From the seaside and flower-adorned countryside garden, Zümrüt Bahçe, to the elegant atmosphere of Lal Salon perfect for luxurious weddings and events. From the memorable ambiance of İnci Salon with its unique concept, to the magnificent Safir reflecting the baroque architecture of the famous Versailles Palace in Paris. From the outdoor venue Garden where you can feel every detail of nature, to Mint showcasing an original design concept. We invite you to turn your dream wedding into reality with us. Alongside our professional team, we aim to meticulously plan every detail to provide your guests with a flawless experience. We invite you to see our halls to make every moment of your wedding unforgettable.